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Who we are

We are an E-design interior decorating firm with over 20 years of expierience helping clients realize their vision for their home!


What We Believe

We believe that your home should be a peaceful sanctuary that you can retreat to after a fast paced day in a chaotic world.


Our Unique approach

We specialize in "peaceful dwellings"- rooms that heal you and restore your mind, body and spirit. When we design, we aim to achieve a tranquil environment that is conducive to ultimate peace and relaxation.  With a background in decorating spas and high end resorts, we apply the same principals to your home and combine them with your own personal style to create a room that is uniquely you. We have a tried and true formula that turns any ordinary room into a relaxing experience for all who enter.


Our Goals

1. To save you money on your furnishings (we search the internet for the best deals on high quality furniture).

2. To prevent you from making common decorating mistakes that almost everyone makes.

3. To save you time.  We know that you probably enjoy looking at fabrics and paint swatches but you do not want it to consume your entire life. Let us take some of the stress off of your shoulders and make this design process the fun and memorable experience that it was meant to be!

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