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How Does It Work?

Your decorator visits you at home to measure your room and take photos of your room,  After that, your decorator will meet with you to complete your design interview that we have created for you so we can to get to know your needs better. Next you will show us a few photos that you have gathered that represent the look that you want to achieve and thats all we need from you! The best part is, you get unlimited revisions of your plan for free so you will love your plan.


What happens next?

After we know all of your hopes and dreams for your space, we go to work! We do heavy research for several days looking at paint, textiles, furniture, lighting and anything else that we need for your space and we collaborate to come up with several floor plan ideas. We decide on which floor plan is best based on function and style and we get to work on doing some personal shopping for you.  We then put together a beautiful floor plan and mood board for you which will tell you exactly what to purchase and how to position it in your home.  You will then decide if you want us to order everything for you or you may just decide to order the items yourself at your own pace if you are on a tighter budget. On that day that we come to your home to present you your plans and samples of wood and fabric so that you can see how they will look in real life and we can go over any changes that you want to make. We offer unlimited revisions to your plan so you can be sure that you are going to love the finished product!  If you are local to the Orange county or Riverside county area, we will show up on the delivery day of your items and help you stage everything beautifully. 



What is the cost of all of this?

We believe that interior decorating service should be offered at a flat rate.  Most interior designers will charge you hourly for every email, phone call and meeting that they have with you not to mention the time it takes to shop for you and even travel to the stores! As you can imagine, this does not encourage clients to want to call their designer often.  We feel that communication is the most important part of the design process to make sure that you get exactly what you want so we encourage you to communicate with us as often as you want without an extra charge to you. 


Our flat rate for a single room is $1,200 plus 35% commission from start to finish.

Our flat rate for Just drawings and 3D renderings is $400



Services Outlined:

-Custom Design Interview (to communicate to us exactly what you want)

-Professional Mood Boards (with unlimited revisions)

-Scale Floor Plan (to avoid costly mistakes)

-A Detailed Shopping List (so you can easily purchase everything)

-Unlimited Facetime Or Skype Chats (to view the materials in person)

-Professional Staging On Delivery Day (where possible)

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