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“I observe nature and draw inspiration from the designs that God has already given to us."


-Lead Decorator-


What is the secret formula to a perfectly composed room?  As far back as I can remember, I have been asking myself this question.  I have always had a deep appreciation for beautiful spaces and when I began to study art and interior design, I began to unlock the secrets to transforming a space from an ordinary room into an extraordinary work of art.  I am Cheyenne Gray, lead decorator and owner of  Peaceful Dwellings, a nationally recognized E-Decorating firm.

My approach to designing a room is to make the room tell a story, a story that represents you and your lifestyle (or the lifestyle that you aspire to have).  I then apply some fundamental design principals and formulas to the room to make sure that no design mistakes are made and to make sure the room is universally pleasing to anyone who enters it.

My inspiration comes from paintings, music, movies, my world travels and nature.  I observe nature and draw inspiration from the designs that God has already given to us like the pattern on the wing of a butterfly or the view from your living room window. If you wanted an 'old world Tuscan' look, I would immerse my self in Italian culture for an entire week absorbing the music, art, people, colors and the spirit of the land so that it can be at the front of my mind and the creativity can flow.

Unlike a lot of larger firms, I do not take on too many projects at once, so I am able to give you my undivided attention. I also employ 3 assistant decorators to help with research and bring fresh ideas to each project.  My promise to you is to respect your budget, and really listen to you. I want to get you thinking about your goals and dreams for your space.  I want to translate those goals and dreams into a simple plan so that we can make them a reality.  I want to save you time and money and I want to make you love where you live!

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