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Measuring & Drawing Your Walls


Step 1- Get out a sheet of graph paper (find this in the office supply section of any store) If you prefer not to buy graph paper, don't worry about it, you can just use regular paper.

Step 2- Start with the easiest wall (the one that has no windows or doors or fireplace etc) Measure the wall and record it on the paper by drawing a line to represent that wall and label how long that wall is in inches or feet. , be sure to include any points where it juts out. (hint-hold tape measure on ground, its easier to measure on the ground) also note how tall each wall is.

Step 3- Repeat this process for all of the other walls and be sure to note the location of windows and doors and built in wall shelfs and note the size of them. (Hight and width and distance from the ground.)

Step 4- Now go in and note the position of any furniture that will remain in the space by drawing it as a rectangle or square inside of the space noting the size of it and telling me what the object is.

Step 5- And finally make a little "X" where ever the electrical outlets are located and draw an "O" where light fixtures are located including where you have lamps that you want to keep in the room.

Tips for Photographing your room-

Take photos during the day and turn on all lights. Remove any clutter. Stand on a chair or go on knees to get a good angle. Turn camera both vertically and horizontally. Send me the photos that will give me the best idea of the space. Try to have fun as you think about how beautiful your room will soon be :)

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